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World’s most argumentative book regarding GOD in modern times. Must Read.”
Fortune Herald
The logical proof of GOD book by Don Juravin and Holy Land Man

GOD Only Gives Hints To Few Chosen Humans

An ordinary man with speech impairment (1) was chosen by GOD to lead the people of Israel and be close to GOD

GOD sent a boy (2) a hint in his dream. He later became just a clerk but received more hints from GOD. Only 115 years later we learned that he was right and GOD’s hints were real.

A feverish hallucinating young scientist (3) discovered the world’s most profound scientific formulas in two weeks.

GOD chose to manifest in the body of a rebellious young Jew (4) who fights the establishment and the government, gets often schooled and eventually crusified.

GOD gave Biblical code hints to a rebelious man (5) from the Holy Land who didn’t even have a Bible at home. That man always fought for the truth and against the establishment when needed. That man invented the scientific proof of GOD.

An ordinary woman (6) got Divine inspiration to stand up to racial discrimination, was jailed, and made historical change in racial equality.

1 Moses
2 Einstein
3 Newton
4 Jesus
6 Rosa Park

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