Words that share the same word value are interconnected and can reveal GOD’s messaging to humans in various aspects of life such as love, money, family, soul, life purpose, and more. By studying and understanding these connections, individuals can gain a deeper understanding of GOD’s design and how to live a fulfilling life.

Example 1 13 is love אהבה, one אחד, fairytale אגדה, worry דאגה, lost אבוד.

Example 2 160 is money כסף, tree עץ, codes קודים, tone צליל.

Example 3 395 is higher soul נשמה, the skies השמים.

Example 4 90 is water מים, newborn נולד.

Example 5 86 is GOD אלהים, the nature הטבע.

Example 6 160 is tree עץ, money כסף, codes קודים.
Meaning: having the right codes (formula) can help one grow more greens (money) and branches.

Understanding GOD