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Mission Statement

Original Bible Foundation EIN 850-596077 is a 501(c)3 public charity focused on deciphering the original Bible in Hebrew in a scientific way non-religious research. Our mission is to provide the proof of an intelligent designer (GOD) of our lives, our world, and possibly the universe. We want to know: What’s our purpose in life? What is a good person? We will teach the world a higher spiritual human connection with GOD directly without any religion.

For The Love OF GOD

What can be more “love of GOD” than donating for the world to learn about GOD, his messaging to humanity and the true original Bible? The discoveries of code2GOD help humanity understand GOD and life. code2GOD discoveries unite the world under one GOD and peace. 

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code2GOD nonprofit listens to the people's need for logical, scientific and spiritual needs
Passive Partner Source is an organization which code2GOD nonprofit org is relying on for information and inspiration. code2GOD is also sending that Passive Partner Source information which is not available to the public yet.
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