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code2GOD #4a explained
The value of each word, as determined by the sum of the letters’ codes, is utilized in mathematical equations to extract divine messages pertaining to the design of the world and the purpose of human existence. These messages encompass scientific and social aspects, intended to promote human welfare. By gaining comprehension of GOD, one can develop profound reverence and admiration for the authentic, non-religious GOD.
Example 1: LORD 26 יהוה + eve 19 Chava חוה = adam 45 אדם (adam means human).
Example 2: mother 41 em אם + father 3 av אב = child 44 yeled ילד and blood 44 dam דם
Example 3: Male 227 zachar זכר – Female 157 nekeva נקבה = Confusion 70 bilbul בלבול

Understanding GOD