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code2GOD #7a explained
In Biblical Hebrew, the letters of a word may be rearranged, resulting in the formation of new words that retain the same exact value. Such words are imbued with GOD’s messaging to humanity, taking the form of parables for leading a wise and successful life.
Example 1 The words “tzara צרה” and “tzohar צהר” share the same word value and can be rearranged from the letters of the other. This reveals a parable, instructing individuals to seek out opportunities for growth and success during times of trouble and to remain cautious and aware of potential setbacks during times of prosperity.
Example 2 “salt מלח 78 melach” is parable with “bread 78 לחם lechem” since bread is livelihood and salt is permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value, and purification.
Example 3 “universe יקום 156 yekum” is parable with “survival 156 קיום kium”

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