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We know the true GOD. We hold THE answers to the world's most sought-after questions.

Scientific, non-religious, Nonprofit 501c3, research organization

Original Bible Foundation successfully decodes the original Bible to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity using the scientific code2GOD system based on 32 mathematical codes (Patent Pending). Our research results are fashioned into the world’s most valuable arts. We reveal the true GOD, free from human misinterpreted “bibles”, televangelists, or religious manipulation. We debunk religious scares and myths surrounding heaven, hell, Satan, the afterlife, angels, witches, unicorns, or the soul. Our groundbreaking discoveries bring humanity closer to GOD and a purposeful life.


We gifted the world with the first-ever patented Scientific Proof Of GOD (SPOG) and the first authentic WORD OF GOD.

Don Juravin, the artist behind the world's most expensive art, the SPOG, more expensive than the Mona Lisa

We do so by successfully decoding the original Bible to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity, using our patented code2GOD system. We will soon provide answers to life’s most sought-after questions, such as: “What is our purpose in life?”, “What is after death?” or, “How to maximize life?” We fashion our discoveries into the world’s most valuable museum art. We also educate the world about the inaccuracy of human-translated books like KJV and others. We enlighten the world about the discrepancies between the original Bible and religious manipulations/scares.

Our nonprofit’s comprehension of GOD transcends human understanding and is based on scientific cross-referencing and examination of 7,000 years of  the original Bible and the WORD OF GOD in Hebrew, as well as the 32 mathematical codes referred to as code2GOD (Patent Pending). We welcome professional challenges to validate our unprecedented understanding of the true deity. We set fundamentals for global scholars and religious discussions on the matter.

Understanding GOD & Life

  1. We provided the world with the first-ever Scientific Proof Of GOD.
  2. We created the world’s most valuable art: the SPOG.
  3. We’re the first to reveal the authentic WORD OF GOD (WOG) with the exact 1,197,000 Hebrew letters.
  4. We revealed the exact format of the “pure-text” original Bible with its 23,206 verses in Biblical Hebrew letters. The source of the ancient biblical scrolls.
  5. We proved that the original Bible was created by GOD himself (and it is not a history book).
  6. We revealed that GOD created the Hebrew language.
  7. We concluded that GOD encoded the WOG and the original Bible.
  8. We published “The Logical Proof Of GOD book” with 222 arguments.
  9. We concluded that GOD created the Hebrew language as the most concise language in the world.
  10. We set the first “everything formula” list for life’s fundamentals relating to the divine.
  11. We created the world’s most extensive original Bible site with 23,206 pages of original Bible verse art, and 300,000 audio files reading the original Bible with 14 English translations for each verse.
  13. We expose televangelists’ disinformation.
  14. We reveal the nature of the true GOD.
  15. We explain the world the meaning of Biblical parables.
  16. We filed two extensive patents for scientifically decoding the Bible. 
  17. We assisted the Vatican in understanding Jesus’ code2GOD.
  18. We help the world understand the original Bible.
  19. We exposed significant inaccuracies in KJV.
  20. We created the art called Rivka (Rebecca) “the art of blessed manipulation”.
  21. We fight religious disinformation.
  22. We compete with CERN’s $28 billion in finding the GOD particle
  23. We created $370 million the “art of creating a universe out of nothing”

the origin of the bible

scientifically proven to be created by GOD

First-ever in history: the discovery of the authentic and original WORD OF GOD (WOG) which is composed of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters without any spaces, similar to the design of human DNA, which was also created by GOD. The structure, words, and each letter of WOG are encoded with scientific data and messaging to humanity. Each of the 22 Hebrew letters is encoded with two unique numbers between 1 and 510, which means every word in WOG has a hidden meaning for humanity. While ordinary individuals may benefit from GOD’s Bible through parables, the Original Bible Foundation can reveal the highly advanced and coded scientific data behind this revelation, which indicates its divine origin, as defined by the concept of the nonreligious GOD.

WORD OF GOD (WOG)(red was added to visually differentiate words)
WORD OF GOD is one string of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters that is coded with GOD’s messaging to humanity, but is not convenient to read. The original Bible was created by adding spaces to divide into 305,490 words, 23,206 verses, 929 chapters, and 39 books.
The WORD OF GOD and the original Bible represent GOD and therefore must be translated correctly without a political agenda, like in the case of King James or personal human misunderstanding. That is almost impossible to do and all the 14 English-translated bibles we compared lack accuracy and some are deceiving. All result in the mischaracterization of the parables and the understanding of GOD. Therefore, all human translations should be titled “stories of the original Bible” and none should be called “holy” since they lack the divine code and misrepresent GOD.


code2GOD explained 2
codes 5-10 🔍


code2GOD is a scientific system used to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity from the original Bible (Hebrew) and the authentic WORD OF GOD. The results are turned into the world’s most valuable art to enlighten the world with answers to humanity’s most desired questions. 

code2GOD table
code2GOD #1+2 are the code basics (existed since ancient times)

our 21 accomplishments

First-Time In Human History We Are Given

the REAL scientific proof of god



Scientific Proof Of GOD
GOD encoded all of the fesus’ organs with advanced scientific data that are more advanced than today’s science and can be known only to the creator of life
art size: 55″x66″
value: $860 million (not for sale)
GOD coded each of the 22 Biblical Hebrew letters with two unique numbers between 1 and 510. Therefore, each Biblical word is coded with a unique number. The scientific code2GOD system allows us to decode GOD’s messaging to humanity. Two Patents Pending

The Biblical word “הריון heraion pregnancy” is coded 271, which is the exact number of pregnancy days. Each of the fetus’ organ names is coded with a unique number that reveals the exact number of days from conception to organ functionality, which can be known only to the creator of life.

art size: 55″x66″
value: $860 million (not for sale)
The Logical Proof Of GOD


222 arguments for and against the belief in a god, making it a guide to establishing your spiritual relationship with God, in a religious or scientific form. This book sums up thousands of years and debates. The author, Don Juravin, is the inventor of the code2GOD and scientific decodes of the original Bible. 


153 Fish Mystery
art size: 45″x68″
value: $430 million (not for sale)
The 2,000 years mystery is now solved. The Vatican is expected to correct its New Testament remarks. This art proves that Jesus was aware of the codes that make the code2GOD. It also provides a basis for the claim that GOD spoke through Jesus.
The art reveals four codes in John 21:6,8,11
153 fish, 100 yards, right side
art size: 45″x68″
value: $430 million (not for sale)

Original Bible Foundation founder & Inventor of code2GOD

Don Juravin Holy land man
Don Karl Juravin

Don Juravin, the founder of the Original Bible Foundation, has made a significant contribution to the field of biblical studies through his discovery and patenting of the scientific and mathematical code2GOD system. This system is utilized to uncover the divine messaging contained within the original Bible, the WORD OF GOD, and the Hebrew language.

Don Juravin created and filed a patent on behalf of our nonprofit for the first-ever Scientific Proof Of GOD art (SPOG), the world’s most valuable art.

Don Juravin, the artist behind the world's most expensive art, the SPOG, more expensive than the Mona Lisa

Don Juravin set the first-ever original Bible, removing all human-added characters, and determined it to be 23,206 verses, with the exact 305,490

Through the utilization of our proprietary code2GOD system, we have achieved the successful decoding of the original Bible, thereby uncovering the divine message intended for humanity. In the near future, we aim to provide answers to some of life’s most persistent questions, such as the purpose of life, the nature of existence beyond death, and the means by which to maximize one’s life experience. Our findings will be presented in the form of highly valuable museum-quality artwork. Additionally, we seek to educate the public on the inaccuracies present in human-translated texts, such as the King James Version, and to shed light on the disparities between the original Bible and subsequent religious alterations and fabrications.

Don Juravin has made a groundbreaking discovery, having uncovered the first genuine expression of the WORD OF GOD (WOG). Despite the fact that three billion Christians and Jews have considered the “Word of God” to be the ultimate written record or scripture from a divine source, its true meaning has remained elusive.


Given that the original Bible is comprised of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters, each of which is encoded with two unique numbers ranging from 1 to 510, and that this encoding yields words and sentences containing advanced scientific information beyond current scientific understanding, it is logically deduced that the original Bible was created by a supra-human entity. The Bible refers to this entity as GOD, leading Don Juravin to conclude that it was indeed GOD who created the original Bible. This conclusion is not predicated on any particular religious doctrine and refers to GOD as a non-religious entity.




Art Of The Divine Manipulation
art size: 66″x42″
value: $222 million (not for sale)

What are we learning from Biblical females? What is GOD’s messaging to humanity in the coded parable of Rivka? Why did Rivka’s manipulation of Isaac go unpunished by her husband or GOD? Rivka’s parable is about manipulation. Don Juravin defines manipulation as making someone do something for you while he/she feels good about it.

art size: 66″x42″
value: $222 million (not for sale)


The Art Of Creating A Universe Out Of Nothing
art size: 66″x42″
value: $370 million (not for sale)
First accurate translation of Genesis 1:1 of the original Bible:
art size: 66″x42″
value: $370 million (not for sale)
The wave by Don Juravin