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The process of divine creation began with the formation of the 22 Hebrew letters, each of which was assigned two distinctive numerical values ranging from 1 to 510. This marked the inception of a profound and deeply symbolic system that would underpin the subsequent development of the Hebrew language.
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Each Hebrew word was conceptualized as a sum value of its constituent letters, resulting in a complex numerical structure that encoded a range of meanings and associations.
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This approach represented a key aspect of divine creation, and provided a powerful means of communication and interpretation for those who would later seek to understand the mysteries of God’s message to humanity.
God then created the WORD OF GOD (WOG), a single word comprising 1,197,000 Hebrew letters that could be likened to a DNA string. This profound expression was infused with encoded messages from GOD to humanity, an intricate web of encoded words and verses, which conveyed a range of divine messaging to humanity. The inherent fragility of this system is such that even a single alteration in one letter may render the entire code void, underscoring the importance of preserving the integrity of this divine creation discovered by Don Juravin.
The original and authentic WORD OF GOD (WOG) is a single word comprised of precisely 1,197,000 Hebrew letters, similar in structure to that of DNA. Coded with GOD’s messaging to humanity, the nonprofit organization utilizes the scientific code2GOD decoding system to successfully discover advanced scientific data and answers to life’s most desired questions. WOG serves as the source to the original Bible, which has been translated into various versions, including KJV and over 700 other “bible books.” It is important to note that even a single alteration of a letter in WOG would interfere with the divine code. *The red highlight was added to differentiate between letters.
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The book machine was invented in 1450, and by 1611, King James introduced a mass-produced English translation of the Bible from the original Hebrew. While this was a significant achievement, the resulting King James Version (KJV) was riddled with mistranslations on key concepts like heaven, hell, witches, unicorns, and Satan, in part due to political motivations. These mistranslations have led to significant religious misconceptions that have been exploited by the clergy and televangelists for their own gain. It is important to note that the coded messages from GOD to humanity can only be found in the original Hebrew text and are lost in translation.
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The code2GOD is a scientific system of 32 mathematical codes to discover GOD messaging to humanity from the original Bible (Hebrew) and the authentic first-ever WORD OF GOD. The results are turned into the world’s most valuable art to enlighten the world with answers to humanity’s most desired questions.
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The Original Bible Foundation is educating the world about the original intention.

code2GOD reveals advanced scientific data not known yet even to science. code2GOD is the scientific proof of one intelligent designer (GOD) for all people regardless of religion.

code2GOD #1+2 Serves As The Foundation For The Scientific System

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This table has been in existence since ancient times


The code2GOD System and Method for Deriving God's Messaging to Humanity from the Original Bible in Hebrew

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