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code2GOD #8a explained
The observation of the relative or absolute positions of the letters in the Biblical Hebrew alphabet, from the first letter “alef (א)” to the 22nd last letter “tav (ת)” reveals divine messaging from GOD. The diagram presents four illustrations that, when considered together, indicate that the scientific code2GOD system constitutes GOD’s messaging to humanity.
Example 1: GOD gives great importance to TRUTH אמתף In Biblical Hebrew, the word for “truth 441 אמת meet”, is constructed from the first letter in the Biblical Hebrew alphabet (א), the very middle letter (מ), and the last letter (ת), indicating that truth encompasses the entirety of a spectrum rather than being limited to a single, definitive point. This messaging from GOD is reflected in the common expression: “The truth, the whole truth, so help you God.”
Example 2: In contrast, the word “lie 600 sheker שקר” is formed by the last three adjacent letters of the Hebrew alphabet, excluding the last letter (tav ת), which belongs to the word “truth 441 emet אמת.” GOD has designed humans to be able to identify what constitutes a lie, based on the revelation of the code2GOD system. Nevertheless, by design, even a lie is intentionally positioned to be “rubbing against” the truth or be in a narrow range of the truth’s spectrum.
Example 3: Moreover, the code2GOD finding indicates that GOD admonishes us to be bold and unreserved in speaking the truth, while urging the recipient, reader or listener to be receptive to the full range of life’s potential truths.
Example 4: Through the implementation of code #4, (Words As Meaningful Equations), it can be observed that the distinction between a lie and the truth is relatively minor.

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