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code2GOD #9a explained
In code2GOD, the presence of a dominant, repetitive, or meaningful number can be mysterious and without clear identification.

The Chosen One may ask GOD for guidance and cross-reference the results to verify the divine answer. For example, the sum of all 28 letters in the Bible’s first verse is 2701, which is equal to 37×73.

Additionally, 2701 can be expressed as 37+999+888+777.

While some of the revelations are not new, the find key to solving the riddle for live’s mysteries is done by The Chosen One can offer the human aspect of the number 37, which represents the human body temperature and spirit, as well as the body temperature of mammals like whales, bats, and lions. Furthermore, 37 is also the word value of “Hevel” (הבל), containing the first (ב) and last (ל) letters of the Torah’s first five chapters.

It is also the name of Abel (Hevel הבל), representing the human spirit.

Understanding GOD