Discovering GOD’s messaging to humanity, based on the original Bible, is our life’s mission. In just 3 years, we achieved a historic breakthrough: discovering the first SCIENTIFIC PROOF OF GOD (SPOG).
As the Original Bible Foundation (501(c)3 EIN 850-596077), we use the scientific code2GOD (patent filed) to decode the original Hebrew Bible, relying on 32 mathematical codes. We aim to bring humans closer to the true GOD, free from religious manipulation or fear.

Divine Donations

Donate whatever is in your ❤️
We need your help. Your donation can enable us to provide answers to life’s most fundamental questions: What is our purpose? What happens after death? And we can teach the world how to develop a higher spiritual connection with GOD without religion.


HOY הוי are the letters of GOD’s name
HOY© is the “holy trend”: the Jerusalem team identifies your Biblical name with Biblical letters. Then, Don Juravin decodes your Biblical names for luck to match with your Bible verse that represents your destiny.

The Book

The Logical Proof Of GOD
Our Brain Stimulator presents 222 arguments and artistic images both for and against the belief in a god in an easy-to-read format. It is an intellectual and non-religious reading that encourages critical thinking. We provide information, and the final decision is entirely up to you.


What’s after death? What’s humanity’s purpose?

Help humanity find answers to life’s biggest questions. What is our purpose? How can we be good people? How can we get closer to GOD? Your donation will allow us to teach the world a deeper, spiritual connection with GOD that transcends religion.


Custom Personal Powerful Blessing From Jerusalem
Blessing can be powerful and effective when done correctly. We guide you in constructing your prayer to be delivered in GOD’s language in Jerusalem. You will receive an audio recording and a plaque to hang, which will strengthen the power of the prayer.

Discover Your Destiny

Your Biblical Name Is Decoded With Your Destiny
Most likely that you do have a Biblical name. If so, it is decoded with your current life path and destiny. Knowing it can make your life more purposeful and bring you happiness. 

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Original Bible Foundation EIN 850-596077 is a 501(c)3 public charity focused on deciphering the original Bible in Hebrew in a scientific way non-religious research. Our mission is to provide the proof of an intelligent designer (GOD) of our lives, our world, and possibly the universe. We want to know: What’s our purpose in life? What is a good person? We will teach the world a higher spiritual human connection with GOD directly without any religion.