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code2GOD #15a explained
A set of words can be correlated through the mathematical code2GOD for a divine meaning. Words’ values that are multiplications of LORD 26 YHVH יהוה, for example.

Example 1: Avraham אברהם (Abraham) 248=124 (Eden 124 עדן) x2 (two humans to feel like “Eden”) Yitzchak יצחק (Isaac) 208=26x8 Yakov יעקב (Jacob) 182=26x7 Yosef יוסף (Josef) 156 = 26x6
Example 2: The original Bible’s first verse sum of all 28 letters is 2701= 37×73. The 2701 is also 37+999+888+777. 37 is also a factor of 999 (37×27), of 888 (37×24), and 777 (37×21). Only the Chosen One can offer the human aspect of the 37 figure. It’s the human body temperature and the human spirit. It’s also the body temperature of the mammals: whale (sea), bat (air) and lion (ground). 37 is also the word value of Hevel הבל which entails the first (ב) and the last (ל) letters of the Torah and the original Bible. It’s also the name of Abel (Hevel הבל) representing the human spirit.

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