Approximately 0.1% of an individual’s DNA is unique, consisting of 32 million repeated sequences of the letters A, G, C, and T. In comparison, the Biblical string comprises 1,197,00 Hebrew letters derived from 22 variations of the Alef-Beit (Hebrew alphabet). The likelihood of discovering traits in the DNA is similar to uncovering meaningful words and events in the Biblical text, both of which require computer-assisted analysis.

To identify a specific word in the Biblical string, three factors must be considered, namely the starting letter number, the number of letters to skip, and whether to search forward or backward in the string. For example, the word “מלאכים” (malachim), meaning “angels” with a numerical value of 141 in simple gematria, can be found in Genesis 1:8 by starting with the letter number 663 and skipping backward by 6.

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