Did Einstein really explain something?

Einstein has shown that mass distorts space and time, but even in this, there is no answer to the question of what drives objects. Modern physics denies influence from a distance and tries to explain gravity in terms of gravitational waves, or hypothetical particles called gravitons. But after all this, the question still remains whether this is indeed an explanation, or just a description, since even on those gravitons – assuming their existence is proven – one can ask what motivates them, and so on (thanks to R. Michael Avraham, Doctor of Physics, for his review of these scientific details).

By this possibility, we do know how to predict how inanimate objects will move, but we have no idea yet what causes or enables the movement itself. The laws of nature, like gravity, do not constitute an explanation for reality, but only a description of it. In the same way, if we found that every time we put two tennis balls next to each other, they start spinning around each other, we would determine that there is some natural law that causes this, invent some name for it and calculate its exact properties.

All this without being able to explain how and why inanimate balls can move in this way. If we still insist on asking what the reason is for this behavior, the answer will be “this is how it is,” or “this is nature.” It is found, then, that the great and strange mystery that we have opened – how inanimate objects can move – has no explanation or answer.

All that can be said is, that they do move somehow, and that’s the end of the verse. This is indeed a legitimate claim since any explanation must be stopped at some point in “like this,” in hard facts. But in such a case, not only do we have to accept that inanimate objects can move “like this”, but also that somehow their movements are coordinated and regular throughout the universe, without any factor coordinating between them.

Billions upon billions of particles and objects of different kinds all act as if they had read the same rulebook, or coordinated among them how to behave. Isn’t that strange, mysterious, and astonishing?

To dismiss it simply as “like this” is nothing more than a “rude fist answer,” in Nietzsche’s words.

"The Logical Proof Of GOD" book by HOLY LAND MAN

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In the spiritual world reside the forces that operate our lives in daily reality. Get to know them, because your happiness depends on them.

While we are selfish creatures with survival mechanisms and animal instincts to achieve more than we need, we’re also wired (DNA & neurotheology) for spirituality and to live for the greater good, for the higher self. For that reason, we are wired to protect our spouse, our family, our country, and be connected to a higher spirituality we call GOD (whatever it is).

We seek to connect to the highest authority which is above human sensual perception. We seek a GOD to be our ultimate guide. Not the GOD that the religions created for us with endless restrictions and imaginary hell and heaven, but the true real GOD.

This book sums up thousands of years and debates to one practical conclusion: is it good for humans to have and believe in (a) GOD or not.

While emerging in the debate, keep an open mind and ignore any religious misconception of who GOD really is. You are here because you care to know if there is a higher authority and if your life will be more fulfilled with GOD in it. You want to know if spirituality is good for you.


The spirit is invisible, but it is revealed in every phenomenon in life that means oneness. It is revealed the moment you look into a person’s eyes and discover that you both feel the same. Spirituality is revealed as soon as you do something that makes others a caravan of joy. It is revealed the moment someone refers to you and you refer to him, and you are both aware of each other’s existence. As a Roman poet so beautifully put it: “Outside all the notions of good and evil there is a field. Will you meet me there?”

Socrates was said to have not come from Athens, but from the world. You and I are two aspects of one reality, united and all-embracing. In unity no differences are eliminated. For things to unite, they do not have to lose their individual identities.  In unity only the separation between them is abolished, which is the difference in value and importance. Then it turns out that everything is one thing.

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