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Don Juravin - original Bible expert

Family and Early Life

Don Karl Juravin was born in 1964 in the Holy Land, to a family of Holocaust survivors. His grandfather, Karl, fought against the Nazis in Europe before escaping to Israel from Austria in an underground ship named Exodus. As an infant, Don’s mother and uncle were subject to Nazi experiments in a hospital laboratory.

“A partisan, by definition, is a fighter who sabotages an occupying army. The Jewish partisans waged guerrilla warfare against the Nazis, but much more importantly, they defied the extermination of their people, their culture, and their religion, fighting to preserve the memory of their past and the possibility of their future.”

ELIE WIESEL – Jew in the Nazi Concentration Camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald 

In the aftermath of World War II, approximately 250,000 European Jews were living in harsh conditions in displaced person camps in Germany and Austria. Zionist organizations, including the Brichah (“flight” in Hebrew), worked to move thousands of Jews from the camps to ports on the Mediterranean Sea, from where they could be transported by ship to the Holy Land, which was then under British control.

Exodus ship 1947 Juravin family on route to the Holy Land
Exodus ship 1947 Juravin family on route to the Holy Land

Don’s family played a key role in the founding of Israel and in the fight to liberate it from British occupation, much like George Washington’s liberation of the American colonies from British rule. His family helped found the State of Israel and fought to liberate it from British occupation.


Don grew up speaking Hebrew and listening to his European Holocaust survivor relatives speak German. Hebrew, the language of the Bible, is, according to Don, the code language of GOD, instructing his chosen people and the world on how to achieve the best of life. Don emphasizes that understanding the Bible must be done only by reading it in Hebrew.

Don Juravin - original Bible expert


Don is the founder of the Original Bible Foundation, a non-religious research organization with a focus on deciphering the original Bible in Hebrew in a scientific way. Its mission is to provide evidence of an intelligent designer (GOD) of our lives, world, and possibly the universe, and to teach the world a higher spiritual human connection with GOD directly, without any religion.


Don Juravin is a well-known original Bible code expert who discovered the “Scientific Proof of God” (SPOG) and runs the code2GOD website. He has filed a patent for his code2GOD system, which he uses to decode the original Bible and uncover messages from God to humanity. Juravin is also the founder of the Original Bible Foundation, a scientific nonprofit that aims to reveal the true God through extensive research and help people achieve a purposeful life while growing closer to God.


code2GOD is a patented system created by Don Juravin, the world’s leading Original Bible Code expert, to decode the hidden messages in the original Bible. This system uses 32 mathematical codes to uncover the true meaning behind the words of the Bible and reveal God’s message to humanity. By using this system, the Original Bible Foundation is able to decode and understand the Bible in a way that has never been done before, helping people connect with God and live purposeful lives.

HOY wear

HOY wear is a personalized T-shirt or hoodie that is based on the wearer’s Biblical name and message from God, as decoded through the patented code2GOD system by the Original Bible Foundation. The HOY wear is designed to provide a divine connection and spiritual elevation to the wearer, reminding them of God’s love and message for their life path. The creation of each HOY wear item involves a search through 23,206 original Bible verses to find the verse that matches the wearer’s code, making each item a custom-made masterpiece. The proceeds from HOY wear donations go towards supporting terminally ill cancer patients and their families, while also advancing the research of the Original Bible Foundation.


Don is a multifaceted artist with a portfolio of invaluable arts that span various topics and themes. His artworks are thought-provoking and often challenge conventional beliefs. Here are some details about each of Don’s artworks:

  1. SPOG: SPOG stands for Scientific Proof Of God. It is a unique and groundbreaking art piece that attempts to decode the hidden messages of God in the fetus’s organs. Don Juravin has decoded the organs of a fetus and found that they contain advanced scientific data that are more advanced than today’s science. He has patented his scientific code2GOD system that allows decoding of God’s messaging to humanity.
    SPOG Scientific proof of GOD by Don Juravin
    SPOG (Scientific proof of GOD) by Don Juravin
  2. Rivka: Rivka’s parable is an art piece that revolves around the theme of manipulation. Don Juravin defines manipulation as making someone do something for you while they feel good about it. The coded parable of Rivka is about the manipulation of Isaac, and it raises many questions about Biblical females and God’s messaging to humanity.
    RIVKA by Don Juravin
  3. Jesus: This artwork is about the mystery of 153 fish mentioned in John 21:6, 8, and 11. Don Juravin has decoded the numbers and found that they are related to God’s love and faith. He claims that this artwork proves that Jesus was aware of the codes that make the code2GOD and provides a basis for the claim that God spoke through Jesus.
    Jesus 153 fish mystery solved by code2GOD and Don Juravin
    Jesus 153 by Don Juravin
  4. Genesis: The art of creating a universe out of nothing is an artwork that explores the concept of creation. Don Juravin has presented his interpretation of the creation story and how God created the universe out of nothing. His artwork challenges conventional beliefs and offers a new perspective on the creation story.
    Genesis by Don Juravin
    Genesis by Don Juravin

Overall, Don Juravin’s artworks are unique, groundbreaking, and often challenge conventional beliefs. They are thought-provoking and offer a new perspective on various themes and topics. His artworks are invaluable and add value to the art world.


Don is the author of “The Logical Proof of GOD“, a book with 222 arguments that sums up thousands of years and debates to one practical conclusion: Is it good for humans to have and believe in GOD or not? The book aims to teach readers about spirituality and how it can bring happiness and fulfillment to their lives.

The logical proof of GOD book by Don Juravin
The “Logical Proof of GOD” book by Don Juravin

Recognition and Influence

Don has more than two million followers on social media, and his work and inventions have improved the lives of thousands of people. He is not interested in merely making a profit, but rather in ensuring that justice is done in order to protect health, happiness, love, and success.

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