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nft Jesus 153 fish mystery by Don Juravin

The 2,000 years mystery is now solved. The Vatican is expected to correct its New Testament remarks. This art proves that Jesus was aware of the codes that make the code2GOD. It also provides a basis for the claim that GOD spoke through Jesus.

The art reveals four codes in John 21:6,8,11
153 fish, 100 yards, right side, fish

153 fish is coded from Hebrew for “GOD & I (61)אלהים(86) ואני”
100 yards is coded for “GOD LOVES (14)אלהים(86) אוהב”
right side” is coded for “trust & faith” (see illustration)

Decoded from Hebrew, “fish dag 7 דג” is a blessing and is an anagram for “gad גד mazal” fortune, while “luck mazal מזל” is 77.

For the first time in history, the official dimensions of the Christian fish symbol ichthys are decoded to stand for love, being alive, and materialistic luck. All numbers combined are equal to 430 soul nefesh נפש.

Middle part

upper part


Decoding the original Hebrew Bible using 32 scientific mathematical codes to discover GOD'S messaging to humanity

code2GOD is made of 32 mathematical codes used to scientifically decode the original Bible in Hebrew to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity. We found more advanced results than today’s science.

The revelations are presented in astonishing art. The world’s most meaningful & valuable art and NFT art. code2GOD art is more valuable than the Mona Lisa and it’s destined to be displayed in the Vatican or the Louvre in Paris.