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Is there a GOD? Who or what is GOD? How can I talk to GOD? Is GOD good? Is there Satan or evil? Where is GOD? Does GOD impact my daily life? Did GOD create the world?
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GOD is the “something” that is responsible for the formation of all life, earth, and possibly the universe (all or part), and/or impacts our daily life. Don Juravin states that GOD’s existence can be felt in the chance, in the uncertainty. GOD can be best felt, and connected to, in the moments of need “Would it happen? How/when would it happen?”

About GOD

GOD is the “something” that is responsible for the formation of all life, earth, possibly the universe (all or part) and/or impacts our daily life. Don Juravin states that GOD’s existence can be felt in the chance, in the uncertainty. GOD can be best felt in the moments of “Would it happen? How/when would it happen?” That is, GOD affects the chance of flipping a coin, observing an experiment (evident in the Copenhagen Interpretation & the double-slit experiment), etc. Juravin is basing his conclusion on GOD, who stated in the original Bible that nothing is coincidental. Furthermore, GOD warns the people of Israel that he would send them to real chaos if they believed that life is just random coincidences. 

The text (original Bible) instructs that GOD should not be assigned any human attributes or characteristics, nor should an image be made of him. Humans can only experience the presence of GOD through their emotions. This prohibition against ascribing physical or imaginal characteristics to GOD may be based on the idea that such attributes would inevitably be associated with concepts of good or bad, beautiful or ugly, attractive or repulsive.

We refrain from referring to it as “entity” since it can be as broad as the entire “the nature הטבע”.

Yes, but it’s not the “God” with all the attributes that religious organizations are trying to manipulate you to believe in as part of a reward and punishment system. The true essence of GOD can be comprehended through the study of the original coded Bible, as opposed to the interpretations of televangelists and religious organizations that may have a tendency to manipulate and create their own versions of a “logical God”.

Note: “god” is any powerful entity. “God” is the God referred to by religious organizations. “GOD” is the God of the original Bible. (The true GOD without religious attributes.)

GOD is responsible for the greater good of the world, or the universe. GOD is responsible for the overall welfare of the world or the universe. As a result, an individual may not always perceive events as being in their personal best interest, as a negative experience for one person may correspond to a positive experience for another. This concept is exemplified in the parable of Jonah.

From the perspective of the original Bible, actions that may appear to be sacrifices may actually be integral to achieving a greater good. It posits that the world, and the lives within it, are continually evolving towards an improved state.

code2GOD #7 calls for you to see a problem as an opportunity:

code2GOD explained by HOLY LAND MAN and Biblical guru Don Juravin

Humans possess an innate predisposition, whether it be rooted in their DNA or not, to foster a relationship with their God/God/GOD. Consequently, if we assume that an individual’s happiness encompasses all facets of life, such as health, income, and love, then the question of GOD’s existence becomes almost inconsequential because loving GOD provides a sense of fulfillment to humans.

One could argue that this relationship resembles the connection between a mother and child, characterized by an inherent acknowledgment of love and reverence for the individual who brought them into the world.

This phenomenon parallels humans’ natural inclination to form a familial bond, procreate, and devote themselves wholly to their family. Both GOD and family are integral to humans’ intrinsic makeup, imbuing them with a sense of wholeness, despite the challenges they may pose logistically and economically.

From a theological standpoint, it is often postulated that GOD exists in a realm separate from the confines of time and space, and thus could be considered “omnipresent”. One could also argue that GOD’s presence is ubiquitous, or rather, wherever one wishes it to be. Considering the role that GOD plays in bringing an individual into existence, it stands to reason that GOD is cognizant of their existence.

Original Bible Foundation has undertaken the task of uncovering whether any specific body part is linked to GOD in the original Bible code. Currently, there is evidence that suggests a correlation between the liver and the LORD, given that the Hebrew name for liver, כבד, has a numerical value of 26, which is the same as that of the LORD (יְהוָה). Additionally, כבד translates to respect, further strengthening the potential association. However, this conclusion has yet to be cross-referenced.

From a theological perspective, it is commonly posited that GOD exists within a realm that is beyond the human understanding. While humans are only able to comprehend three dimensions, it is suggested that GOD and higher souls, such as נפש, exist within an eight-dimensional space. Whereas humans are constrained by time and the need for spatial travel, GOD is not. In an effort to explain the concept of “forever”, Don Juravin has provided a video for reference.

Let’s talk about infinity imagine opening your eyes and finding yourself surrounded by water and you cannot remember ever not being in that water the first question you might ask is how did i get here you’ve always been there what do you mean always when did i enter the pool you never entered the pool you have always been in the pool okay but where was i before i was in the pool that’s a false question there is no before in which you were not in the pool you have always been in the pool okay but always like how long like a billion years no a billion years began a billion years ago okay okay okay but i must have been born at some point what was before me okay so like what’s our communication disconnect here there is no before you you have always existed in the pool always forever infinitely yep always okay so the point that i’m trying to make is that there are some concepts that we humans just cannot wrap our heads around and one of them is the idea of something having always existed and having no beginning we just can’t really grasp that concept it just doesn’t compute like if i told you this road literally goes on forever you’d be like i don’t get it i cannot grasp infinity are we there yet nope are we close never getting there driving forever here’s another one try and imagine nothing it’s kind of impossible at first you might envision nothing as darkness but darkness is something it’s darkness so then you might say is nothing just empty space well empty space is something it’s empty space but here’s something interesting about nothingness while we can’t really grasp the concept of nothingness we can describe it with mathematics roll film please okay don’t panic this won’t be complicated and i’ll do it real quick can i get some background music so there’s this thing called set theory and in set theory everything inside a set is what exists and if nothing exists in the set then it is called an empty set and that is basically a mathematical representation of nothingness or simply the number zero it kind of represents nothing i mean the symbol zero is itself a thing but it can also represent a lack of things so you can see how we can describe nothingness with math even though we can’t imagine it same with infinity we can’t grasp it but we can represent it mathematically and use it to solve equations so at least mathematically infinity totally exists so why am i telling you all this because another one of the concepts that we have a lot of trouble grasping even though mathematically it is not only describable but actually well understood is dimensions higher than the third dimension so you see the square it has an x-axis and a y-axis when it has height added to it it becomes a three-dimensional cube it basically grows a z-axis okay that makes sense a cube is a 3d version of a square but here’s some weirdness my friends okay listen carefully and just like just like flow with me [Music] so you can grow another access to a 3dq and get a 4 dimensional cube just just like flow with me flow with me now we can only proceed with our eyes and brains three dimensions like this cube so we can’t really grasp this idea of a fourth dimension it’s like huh what the hell four dimensions which is what you’re thinking now but while we can’t really see or perceive a fourth dimensional version of this cube we can at least describe it mathematically so just like this is a 2d representation of a 3d cube here’s a two-dimensional representation of a 4dq there’s also a 5d cube a 6d cube a 100d cube and so on and not just cubes all shapes have higher dimensional counterparts theoretically there are endless dimensions and while we can’t see any of them we can describe them using mathematics every time i update this operating system anyway now about all these dimensions existing just take my word for it you do not need to come to terms with the existence of these dimensions in order to appreciate the bonkers weirdness of what i’m about to tell you about the eighth dimension so in this movie i want to tell you about a particular geometric shape actually it’s not so much a shape it’s really more a structure an eight dimensional lattice known simply and mysteriously as e8 now that i got my 8d glasses on i’m going to watch me some 8d tvs for some reason this 8 dimensional thing known as e8 appears to encode all of the particles and forces of our three-dimensional reality so let’s talk about what e8 actually is and what it is is actually pretty simple for reals imagine circles all of them the same size we draw them on a piece of paper stacked in the densest possible way that one can stack circles of the same size this happens to be called hexagonal packing by the way now let’s put a little point in the center of every one of these circles and now let’s get rid of the circles and leave only their center points so now we have something called a point space this point space is one that represents the densest packing of dimensional circles of the same size right now let’s talk about the densest packing of 3d circles or spheres again all of them of the exact same size ps we’re totally pretending that these oranges are perfect spheres of the exact same size so the densest packing of 3d spheres is actually pretty intuitive to us it’s how we pack oranges in the supermarket by the way this is kind of weird but it was only in 2014 that someone was finally able to prove mathematically that this packing of 3d spheres is actually the densest weird right it was like this big mysterious problem for years in mathematics that nobody was able to prove now let’s add points in the centers of all of our spheres while they’re in this dense arrangement and again let’s get rid of all of the spheres and keep only the points that represent their centers okay so now we’re left with the point space representing the densest packing of three dimensional spheres so far so good right y’all with me okay so e8 is the point space representing the densest packing of eight d spheres strings please now many of you have heard of albert einstein’s theory of relativity it’s a theory that describes among other things how gravity works and how it affects massive bodies like planets and many of you have also heard of quantum mechanics it’s a theory that describes very small things like electrons no one has ever been able to unify these two theories into what we colloquially call a theory of everything or more technically quantum gravity theory but for years now there has been a theory that is claimed to be a serious contender in unifying these theories and you’ve probably heard of it it’s called string theory problem is string theory has kind of failed for years it has been getting tons of funding and grants in academia but it has never produced any successful predictions are many physicists out there who think that the time of string theory is over and that e8 may play a more serious role in an eventual theory of everything so strength theory definitely applies to paragliding not sure much else what do you got against string theory what don’t i have against string theory my name is garrett lisi and i live in maui because why would i live anywhere else i was the person who first discovered a match between particle physics and e8 and when i first discovered it it was so incredibly exciting i knew i was working on this probably the rest of my life i came to maui because i got my phd in theoretical physics and i thought about going off to do a postdoc somewhere but pretty much everywhere i looked wouldn’t allow me to research what i wanted so i decided to split off to maui and be a surf bum and work on what i wanted here in the 90s string theory was the hot research topic that everybody was going for and i had looked at strength theory and i just thought it was kind of far-fetched i thought they were making a lot of unjustified assumptions about the way the universe works it wasn’t a bad idea when it started they just over-promised and under-delivered what did they promise well strength theorists promised to figure out a simple elegant description of fundamental physics using a few simple principles and it utterly utterly failed to do that they kept piling on more and more complications until the theory just got ridiculous what would string theory people say about what you just said um if they’re honest they’d agree with me but you know people get very attached to the ideas they’re working on and after a long enough time it comes hard to let them go and move on to other things strength theory has a lot of inertia because you have grants in place that support the projects that are being researched and you have students working on string theory problems they’ve started their dissertations which in the last many years that’s one good thing about working on your own if you just decide the approach you’re taking is not gonna produce results like you thought it was you can just wipe the slate clean work on something else as a graduate student i really fell in love with einstein’s theory of relativity his description of gravity is curving space time okay so super nutshell explanation of how gravity works according to einstein’s theory of relativity now this is a big oversimplification so science nerds do not hate on me basically the idea is that space is a kind of fabric and objects such as planets sit on this fabric and make it sort of bend or curve so that other objects like other planets will fall toward it heavier objects cause a heavier curving of space or a stronger gravitational pull meaning objects fall towards them faster so this is a very geometric description of gravity when i study particle physics it’s just it wasn’t a geometric theory in the same way that uh gravity is described as curving spacetime so i wanted to understand a description of elementary particles that matched up with einstein’s theory of gravity because the universe is just one thing right so there has to be a unified description of this place where we are living when you do fundamental mathematics you invariably see these very elaborate complicated beautiful mathematical structures that come out and it just so happens that some of these beautiful mathematical structures describe our physical universe we know of these forces that exist in the universe right gravity electromagnetism the weak force the strong force and we have this whole spectrum of elementary particles and properties so this is an idea that’s been around for a long time and i’m going to describe it using a hypothetical scenario imagine if we lived in a two-dimensional universe a totally flat universe all particles atoms people buildings all are totally flat like a cartoon okay so in this 2d universe all particles such as electrons quarks photons would all be two-dimensional so let’s take one of these hypothetical two-dimensional photons for example the idea is that there is a circle attached to it in the third dimension sort of above this 2d universe in such a way that the photon is actually just a point on that circle and that point appears in our 2d universe as a photon we cannot see the entire circle popping out of 2d just the point of the circle that touches our universe this circle is called a fiber the fiber represents how the photon moves through space and time so a photon is represented by just this one circle and other particles and forces are represented by different combinations of circles the fundamental force known as the weak force for example has three circles that twist around each other in certain ways these groups of circles form what are called lead groups okay so that explanation assumed a hypothetical two-dimensional universe but in our actual universe which is in 3d the fibers attached to our 3d space are in even higher dimensions so physically we live in three-dimensional space and there are these other higher dimensional fibers attached to every point of our space and as these fibers twist over our space in time that appears in our space as particles propagating from one point to another this is what all matter all forces this is what everything is this description of particles is entirely geometric all the forces we know of they’re coming about from the curvature of these fibers the same way gravity is the curvature of space-time and this is this has actually been known and standard in physics for for you know over 70 years now so this idea was exciting for a few decades but then people sort of forgot about it and started working on string theory but string theory as you guys know didn’t pan out so well so garrett took a big step backwards and tried to combine the theory of these circles with gravity and some interesting things happened so just like numbers you can add lead groups like you can literally add groups of circles into larger groups so when garrett added together the league groups representing each and every force and particle in nature that we know of along with the lead groups representing some theorized but not yet seen particles such as the graviton which is a theorized gravity particle they all formed this one big league group and i mean a really big lead group one that has been known about in mathematics for years and you guys already know what it’s called it’s called e8 e8 is considered by many mathematicians to be the most beautiful structure in mathematics it just so happens that there’s there’s this correspondence between the particles we see in nature and this most beautiful mathematical structure ever discovered and there are some discrepancies we’re not sure exactly how it will work or whether it will work at all but there’s enough of a matching between the known properties of image particles and and the structure of this geometric mathematical object it’s very promising very encouraging for describing physics so to really simplify this and again science nerds don’t hate on me i’m just trying to give you a simple visual imagine if behind every particle we see in our 3d world there is this eight dimension sort of e8 machine behind the scenes that turns and rotates and when we view a particle in our world we see it as an electron or quark or photon or any other thing according to what this e8 machine is doing over there in the eighth dimension and according to its orientation relative to our world so all particles and forces and space-time itself can geometrically transform into one another according to the geometry of e8 so are all particles the same somehow yeah they’re all they’re all different fibers of this e8 lead group well that’s just weird isn’t that great so it’s weird and mysterious that a point space in eight dimensions is so somehow fundamentally related to our three-dimensional reality isn’t it yeah that’s weird yeah i mean it’s wonderful and mysterious why mathematics works so well describe our universe at all our physical laws the fact that they’re accessible to us and that some fundamental bits of mathematics actually describe our physical world that’s really remarkable like we’re living in a bit of mathematics it’s come to life i’m not sure about the weather and the empire has to be but once you have the linear window this is a theory which is documented and then you go one step larger in the size of your tetrahedron and then 10 steps larger than a million steps larger all of the breakthroughs in physics have come from people willing to step outside the box and do something creative and radical hi my name is clay irwin i’m the director of quantum gravity research working on a theory of everything called emergence theory i’ve given up every other focus in my life i quit my job as an executive years ago to focus on this every day with a team of physicists and mathematicians who work with me what is reality is reality made of energy and if so what is energy is reality made of information and if so what kind of information is it is it binary made of zeros and ones is the universe a binary computer okay so in cleese theory reality is at its most fundamental level a code or a language and this code relates deeply to e8 cli envisions a substructure of space and time at the tiniest possible scale you know how your tv screen is broken down into fundamental units called pixels well immersions theory suggests a three-dimensional pixel of reality a fundamental building block that everything is built from the tetrahedron which is a three-dimensional equilateral triangle these tetrahedra combine with one another through various mathematical rules throughout all of space into a massive structure klee calls the quasi-crystalline spin network and this network isn’t some random arbitrary idea it comes directly from e8 so now you have a conundrum because you have this mathematical idea that reality relates to higher dimensions and yet you’re measuring or observing 3d so the only solution that we can think of is quasi crystals quasi crystals that’s a mouthful some people call them queasy crystals okay um so let’s talk about what a crystal is first a crystal refers to a type of pattern a periodic pattern a checkerboard is an example of a two-dimensional periodic pattern where if you extend it infinitely it’ll just be the same pattern forever you can also have three-dimensional crystal structures like this cubic lattice now imagine projecting a three-dimensional cubic lattice to a two-dimensional surface you create a shadow this shadow also has a pattern but it isn’t periodic it also isn’t random it’s a quasi-crystal a quasi-crystal in a certain dimension is a projection of a crystal in a higher dimension [Music] remember those points representing the densest packing of circles and spheres actually those points are arranged in a crystalline order now the e8 lattice is actually an eight dimensional crystal and cle’s group projects this e8 crystal from 8d to 4d to 3d at a specific irrational angle to form their theorized fundamental substructure of space time when i make an irrational projection of e8 down to a lower dimensional shadow of e8 something remarkable happens the object becomes a language that is it becomes a finite set of geometric letters rules on how you can arrange those letters and freedom within those rules which allows you to express or encode information so this three-dimensional quasi-crystal no this is my line so this three-dimensional quasi-crystal is essentially a geometric code a code composed of symbols which express meaning and this meaning is reality itself string theory speculates on a number of hidden dimensions and when we ask well why can’t we measure these dimensions and observe them then the answer is well because they’re too small to see in our approach we never have to introduce the higher dimensions because we get the same information of the higher dimensional math encoded in the three-dimensional dynamic quasi-crystal language [Music] mathematically one can recover the information of the e8 lattice that encodes unification physics from the lower dimensional quasi crystal to me to be able to even have a one in a million shot at discovering the very keys to the fabric of reality is just fun like what what better treasure hunt could one have i think that the world is getting crowded and there’s a lot of people not having fun because they’re focused on getting enough water that’s clean or food and perhaps understanding the deepest secrets of nature at the smallest scales will be like having the keys to the kingdom imagine if we discovered the very fabric of reality in explicit detail the very workings at the pixelated scale of reality that should open up a treasure trove of new technologies and perhaps even new philosophies relating to the strangeness of quantum mechanics that allow things that we couldn’t imagine the road to knowledge is a long and winding one filled with moments of glorious scientific discovery but also ones of bitter disappointment whether or not cli and garrett’s theories become accepted as mainstream quantum gravity theories many physicists believe that reality is deeply related to higher dimensional objects e8 perhaps as real as it is mysterious appears to be a real contender on the road to discovering a theory of everything [Music] hey can you reward them for sitting through that whole explanation with like some 80s rock and roll do you remember last year when i did the science documentary the what is reality i think i think i sent that to you i can’t really remember but anyway um my most favorite part about that was um this part about matrices and there was this word in it that i wasn’t quite sure on how to pronounce it looked to me like egan value so right i mean i think that’s what you would think eagan value so i asked is this how you pronounce it and david the director said yes that is how you pronounce it so i went out there and said that’s right eagan value and then apparently the internet went nuts when it came out because apparently it’s pronounced eigenvalue that’s how you’re supposed to say it and the director don’t believe me the director told me to say eagan value and it’s eigenvalue and the whole internet just like caved in on my skull and it’s just kind of been awful but like i get it and i just i feel like the only one who understands these kind of things it’s just nice to get it off my chest but it’s just like man eigenvalue eigenvalue eigenvalue it’s not even like that

GOD created the original Bible as a long coded string of 1,197,000 Hebrew letters preserved forever to maintain the code2GOD (32 mathematical codes used to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity). The original Hebrew Bible was then made into 305,490 words, 23,206 verses, divided into 39 books and 929 chapters. Human translations can be read as stories only with limited parables but without the code2GOD.

GOD & LORD's Names

In the human translated bibles, the word “LORD” refers to the Hebrew name “יהוה” (YHWH or YHVH) which appears over 5,790 times in the original Hebrew Bible and is considered the most sacred and significant name for God.

The name “יהוה” is commonly referred to as the Tetragrammaton, which means “four letters” in Greek. It is written with four Hebrew letters: “י” (yod), “ה” (heh), “ו” (vav), and “ה” (heh) and was believed to be pronounced by ancient Hebrews as “Yahweh” or “Jehovah.”

In Jewish tradition, the name “יהוה” is so sacred that it should not be spoken aloud, except in specific religious contexts such as during prayer or study. In some translations of the Bible, the name “יהוה” is translated as “the LORD” in all capital letters to indicate its significance and to differentiate it from other Hebrew words for “lord” or “master.”

For example, in Genesis 2:4 in the Hebrew Bible, it says “אֵלֶּה תוֹלְדוֹת הַשָּׁמַיִם וְהָאָרֶץ בְּהִבָּרְאָם בְּיוֹם עֲשׂוֹת יְהוָה אֱלֹהִים אֶרֶץ וְשָׁמָיִם׃” which can be translated to “These are the generations of the heaven and the earth when they were created. In the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven.” (Genesis 2:4, JPS Tanakh) Here, “יהוה אֱלֹהִים” (YHWH Elohim) is translated as “the LORD God” to indicate the use of the name “יהוה.”

In summary, “LORD” in traslated bibles refers to the Hebrew name “יהוה” (YHWH or YHVH), and is considered the most sacred and significant name for God in Judaism. The name is commonly translated as “the LORD” in English translations of the Bible to differentiate it from other Hebrew words for “lord” or “master.”

In the context of superpowers that can influence human lives, the term “god(s)” (all lowercase) may be applied. In contrast, “God” (capital G) refers to a religious superpower in Christianity, Judaism, or Islam, whom humans feel obligated to worship to improve their lives and attain a sense of reverence. Finally, “GOD” (all caps) represents a scientifically established super-intelligent entity that initiated the formation of the universe from nothing and designed life. Whereas the first two options are based on religious beliefs and posit that the god(s) or God affects human lives, the third scientific option relies on data analysis and has not yet demonstrated this influence.

  • אלהים Elohim GOD 86 means GOD as we, the entity that can make anything happen
  • יהוה YHWH LORD 26 is the personal holy name of GOD, which is not to be used in vain
  • אל שדי El-Shadi 314 means GOD almighty
  • אבי Avi 13 (like love אהבה) means my father
  • אל עליון Superior GOD

More sources from Biblical Hebrew:
שמות האלוהים
אדני • אהיה • אל • אלוה • אלוהים • הדסה • ה’ • הוי”ה • יה • יהוה • יי • צבאות • צור • שדי • שכינה
אביר יעקב • אדוני צבאות • אהיה אשר אהיה • אלוקים • בוחן כליות ולב • בורא עולם • הגבורה • המקום • הרחמן • הקדוש ברוך הוא • השם • מלך מלכי המלכים • פחד יצחק • צור ישראל • רוכב ערבות • ריבונו של עולם

Out of deep respect to GOD and based on the Commandment “you shall not use YHWH’s יהוה name in vain,” Jesus, Jews, and Christians avoided pronouncing the holy name of GOD which is YHWH יהוה and instead said “LORD אדני adonei.”

Original Bible: YHWH יהוה is written but readers only say LORD אדני adonei.

Human translated versions: LORD is written and LORD is pronounced. In short, the holy name of GOD is not written in non-Hebrew versions.

code2GOD: YHWH 26 יהוה is the name of GOD and it means in Hebrew “was, is, forever be.”

code2GOD: GOD is אלהים in the original Bible means what you know about God and its code value is 86 (life חיים is 68).

Worshiping GOD

Don Juravin considers this to be one of the most significant inquiries that can potentially alter one’s perception and connection with GOD.

As human beings, we are brought into this world without our consent, with the entire process of procreation already predetermined and encoded in our DNA and psyche. This implies that someone, or something, intends for us to exist in this world, as everything seems to have been designed for our benefit and existence.

Thus, this “someone” must genuinely desire our presence and may even require and love us, indicating the existence of GOD. This realization leads to the inception of a new and beautiful relationship with GOD, where he is not considered a master and we are not his slaves, but rather GOD is seen as a father figure.

It is intriguing to contemplate why someone would create humans as needy creatures, requiring food, sleep, security, and, most importantly, love. However, the fact remains that we were created in such a way, which suggests that this “someone” intends for us to live our lives in this manner.

To attain GOD’s favor, adhere to the original Bible’s Ten Commandments, without being influenced by the mistranslated versions. The primary requirement is to have a sincere and wholehearted commitment to following the commandments. One must not let any religious institutions burden them with false rules that have no basis in the original scripture.

Follow the Ten Commandments as code2GOD explains it, not per the human-mistranslated bible versions.

Example: ואהבת לרעך כמוך is mistranslated as “love your neighbor,” while the proper coded translation is: show deep caring for your “reha” which is more like acquaintance from the 3rd-degree circle of closeness.

The 1st circle “Mishpacha משפחה”:

  • Closest blood-related family members with the most DNA similarity, and the spouse.
  • Those you’ll be willing to die for.
  • Those you work hard for and sacrifice your life for them.
  • Those on your life insurance.
  • Those that can do you harm and you would still love them (unconditional love).

The 2nd circle “Haver חבר”:

  • Family members not in the 1st circle
  • Close friends that improve your life
  • Friends you consider as family and they consider you as one

The 3rd circle “Re-A רע”:

  • “Insurance” friends you can definitely count on in times of need

Coming soon. We have answers, but we don’t want to overwhelm the public.

Follow and respect the Ten Commandments of the original Bible.

Anything else is extra.

There is a growing body of research that suggests that one’s inner state has an impact on their external reality. For example, a study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that people who had positive expectations about a social interaction were more likely to have a positive outcome. This study suggests that one’s beliefs and attitudes can have a direct impact on their external reality.

In addition, there are many spiritual and philosophical teachings that support the idea that one’s inner state can impact their external reality. The Law of Attraction, for example, suggests that one’s thoughts and emotions can attract positive or negative experiences into their life.

There are also scientific explanations for this phenomenon. Quantum physics suggests that everything in the universe is connected and that there is no separation between the observer and the observed. This means that one’s consciousness can have a direct impact on the physical world.

In summary, there is evidence to support the idea that an inner change in an individual can have a direct impact on their external reality. This phenomenon is supported by both scientific research and spiritual teachings. Therefore, it is important to focus on developing a positive inner state in order to manifest a positive external reality.


According to Don Juravin, the existence of GOD can be perceived in chance events. In other words, GOD can influence the probability of events such as flipping a coin, observing a scientific experiment, or undergoing a double-slit experiment. Juravin draws support from the original Bible, which repeatedly cautions the people of Israel against believing in coincidences as GOD has an impact on outcomes. In the biblical text, GOD employs the term “keri קרי,” derived from “מיקריות coincidence,” to convey this message. Therefore, Juravin posits that nothing is truly coincidental, as GOD is involved in various aspects of your life.

A good person is one that adheres to the original Bible’s Ten Commandments+ without being influenced by the mistranslated versions. The primary requirement is to have a sincere and wholehearted commitment to following the commandments. One must not let any religious institutions burden them with false rules that have no basis in the original scripture.

Also, the 11th commandment of “love upon acquaintance like yourself” is basically a commandment to invest in insurance and a social mutual “feeling good” attitude. The original Bible doesn’t state “love the” but love upon which is not a romantic or even family love, but rather on the level of caring, so you will get back the same and society will be better as a whole. It is very different than love for a child which a parent simply loves to give and will continue to give even without a fair return.

GOD & Jesus

Though Jesus never claimed to be GOD himself, his followers, till this day, refer to him as GOD, even though it may violate the second of GOD’s commandments. code2GOD discovered that when Jesus found 153 fish in the net it was a code for “אלהים ואני” which means “GOD and I.” At the time of Jesus, it was only one secluded religion, Judaism. GOD wanted to have a larger, possibly different religion than the existing Judaism, and therefore GOD himself created the religion using Jesus’ body. (unfinished)

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