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Four collections of SPOG, GENESIS, JESUS, and RIVKA will be revealed on Oct 26, 2022, each with 4 tiers of membership.



Entry TO BE COMPLETED status
Mid 2019 Research for a book: Is there a god. Any god? DONE
May 2020 Form a nonprofit organization "code2GOD" and set a BOA Filed & IRS approved #850596077. BOA is set.
Jan 2020 Discover the scientific proof of GOD. Decode the original Bible to reveal GOD's messaging to humanity. Must be done in less than 2 yrs without asking for donations. Success. Two Patent Pendings filled minutes after midnight 1/1/2022. First four art pieces created.
July 2020 Invest in communicating with GOD and create by Sep 2021 the first-ever "code2GOD system" based on existing and new mathematical codes to reveal GOD's messaging to humanity. DONE (Oct 2021): created 32 mathematical codes and revealed only 19 for now. Still in progress: learning to better communicate with GOD. I talk and do and I get feedback in a form of signs or clues.
Google & Microsoft Nonprofit approval & grants Success total $500,000 in grants in search ads for 2 years which can be expended to $2mil
June 2021 Publish book 369 page book "The Logical Proof Of GOD" was published (serial #9798486284748) in Sep 2021 with 222 logical arguments Published successfully (3 mo delay)
July 2021 Create NFTs to support the nonprofit organization and offer the world's best utility club in the NFT space. Create an online NFT community to join the existing 2 million followers who don't care about NFT. April 22, 2022, beautiful NFT was created (DONE). Best NFT club benefits for life is done! Engage NFT group on Twitter or Discord, totally FAILED!
Aug 2021 Create the first-ever code2GOD original Bible museum by mid Jan 2022 Beautifully done by Dec 24, 2021 with 17 parchments of the original Bible writing scrolls aging from 150 to 600 years old that survived multiple wars.

In the works

Entry mission status
April 2022 Engage advisors who relate and understand the magnitude of "GOD's messaging to humanity" Couldn't properly reach influencers yet (failed so far)
April 26, 2022 NFT drop
Aug 2022 Raise $2.6 mil to research the "before and afterlife" which involves understanding what is the soul נפש and the spirit (higher-soul) נשמה.
Sep 2022 Reveal the 5th art "ANGELS the art of completing a divine task". ANGELS will reveal what ANGELS are and how to recognize them.
Oct-Nov 2022 Revealing "HEAVEN the art of rewarded accomplishment" and/or "SATAN the art of the secrete helper"
1 RIVKA NFT ART 15 explained by Don Juravin
GOD's messaging to humanity about female behavior started with Eve (the first intelligent human) and continues with Rebecca (Rivka) who manipulates her husband Issac for the greater good. GOD & Isacc accept it. The scientific proof of the female power in action.
the code2GOD reveals that GOD brought the universe into existence out of nothing by turning energy into matter. On the 4th day, GOD created the time, guidance in the skies, and possibly: the code to influence the past, the “before/after” life.

iBelieve+ NFT wear by code2GOD

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The JESUS art belongs to code2GOD nonprofit organization (decoded and designed by Don Juravin, Holy Land Man). It's priced at $430 million ($700 million once it's displayed in the Vatican or Louvre Paris).It's not for sale. 
SPOG world most expensive art by Don Juravin and Holy Land Man10
The SPOG NFT & Patents are the scientific proof that: (1) There is a GOD (2) GOD created the original Bible (3) GOD created the Hebrew language & its 22 letters (4) humans were designed by GOD and didn't evolve from an ameba.
Each of the 22 Hebrew letters is coded with two mathematical codes ranging from 1 to 512. Each Biblical Hebrew letter has a symbol, a complete name (English letters don’t), a personality, two identifications, a vibration, and a meaningful shape. Very much like a human being.
An original Bible verse is called: PASUK פסוק which also means “irrevocable”. Each of the original Bible verses is coded with a deeper meaning and even single words can be loaded with GOD's messaging to humanity.
The original Bible was created by GOD as a treasure map of parables for the public and coded messaging for humanity to be scientifically discovered by the chosen one. Holy Land Man did.