Rivka-the art of divine manipulation. World's most valuable Biblical art $222 million by Don Juravin

What Is RIVKA?

Each NFT is marked T1 to T4 for the four code2GOD Club tiers with lifetime benefits: a trip to Israel, Germany/France, soulmate finder, blessings, MaxMyLife counseling, DAO ownership, and physical art of your NFT.

Sample: very limited 444 NFT RIVKA collection

Each NFT is marked T1 to T4 for the four code2GOD Club tiers with lifetime benefits: a trip to Israel, Germany/France, soulmate finder, blessings, MaxMyLife counseling, DAO ownership, and physical art of your NFT.
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About Rivka NFT

The Rivka art belongs to code2GOD nonprofit organization (decoded and designed by Don Juravin, Holy Land Man). It's priced at $222 million ($700 million once it's displayed in the Vatican or Louvre Paris). It's not for sale. 

Donors for our continued research of decoding the original Bible  to discover GOD's messaging to humanity will receive an NFT, become members of the OUR TRIBE plus choose one of four benefits:

  • 33% of their donation will be sent to the donor's church or animal-loving place
  • Bible-Studies with world's #1 Bible expert Holy Land Man
  • MaxMyLife meetings with Don Juravin (creator of the code2GOD)

How to get the Rivka NFT

You acquire your NFT via a donation that can be up to 100% tax-deductible. There are only 153 NFTs from this limited Jerusalem edition and each has a unique number and symbol.

Inventory of NFT:

  • 1 of $1,110, 2 of $2,220…. 9 of $9,990
  • 10 of $10k, 11 of $11k…. 19 of $19k
  • 20 of $20k….. and continues

Register for your NFT and you will be given a purchase code at midnight EST on March 13th (by email, SMS, Telegram).

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