SOUL & Neshama נשמה

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Where and what is the soul? Where is the soul נפש mentioned in the Bible? Is the soul real? What happens to my soul after I die? Is soulmate real? Will my soul survive my death?
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Soul / Body FAQ
GOD is the “something” that is responsible for the formation of all life, earth, possibly the universe (all or part) and/or impacts our daily life. Don Juravin states that GOD’s existence can be felt in the chance, in the uncertainty. GOD can be best felt, and connected to, in the moments of need “would it happen? how and when would it happen?”

What is the soul נפש NEFESH 430?

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Nothing. Science is clueless about the soul. The Bible is the only reliable source for learning about the soul which is called NEFESH נפש with code2GOD word value of 430. There is also another entity which is not known in English but exists in the original Bible and that’s the “higher soul” NESHAMA נשמה with code2GOD word value of 395.

What is the higher soul NESHAMA נשמה 395?

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