$77 raffle ticket to win $6,400 trip
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Winners’ prize: Flights NY>ISRAEL>NY + $300 flight allowance to get to NY, 8 days of hotels (2 per room) and transportation everywhere in Israel with a personal tour guide, large Israeli breakfast, drinks, event tickets, Jerusalem cross blessed on Jesus’ Grave, 2 original Bible classes with Holy Land Man | trip value $6,400 Questions? ask us

The trip: we stay the first 2 days in Jerusalem; we’ll visit Biblical sites; Jesus’ Grave, we’ll float on the Dead Sea, enjoy Tel-Aviv famous beach and nightlife, tour the original Bible museum, dip in the Sea of Galilee like Jesus, visit Tiberias and Haifa, mingle in 2 fresh colorful markets, a quick visit to the Biblical desert, meet IDF soldiers defending Israel, visit Jesus birthplace, buy souvenirs Questions? ask us

get closer 2 god

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Who are we?

We’re code2GOD an approved scientific nonprofit org #850596077 (IRS confirmation). We scientifically & successfully decode the original Bible to discover GOD’s messaging to humanity. We filed the first-ever patent for the scientific proof of GOD. We also turned it into the world’s most valuable art piece. See code2GOD.org

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What's included?

Flights NY>TLV>NY, 8 days transportation, hotels (2 per room), one meal/day, tour guide, event tickets, Jerusalem cross, arrangements | trip value $6,400

What costs will I still incure?

Money for food & drinks (breakfast is included), going out at night, souvenirs, and health insurance coverage is recommended. 

  • Age 21 to 57 in good health
  • We cannot accommodate special medical or food needs
  • 2 per room or an extra $1,370 for a personal room
  • Lots of walking and touring
The draw

The draw event is live, online at 10 pm on the day that 111 participants are reached and we notify you a day in advance by email and text message. 

Rules & Terms

1. You may transfer your win to another only if that person qualifies according to the Term and pay a $120 trader fee.

2. This small group trip can’t accommodate special needs which may hinder the experience for the members

3. Even if you win, we reserve the right to refund you 120% of your pay for any reason (however, you should know that we do so when we feel that you are not a good fit in the small group).

4. You agree that if you were not fully transparent and truthful in answering our prerequisite questions, we can cancel your win and refund you 120%, or, if we discovered it after the trip commenced, you will compensate each member on the trip with $3,000.

5. Jurisdiction shall be Florida, orange county. Liability is limited to the cost of your ticket and only to the nonprofit organization organizing the trip.

6. 70% refund available only if canceled within 3 hrs email bless@code2GOD.org Else, no refund will be issued.


Your expenses: getting to JFK and back, 1-2 meals a day, drinks, souvenirs, medical insurance, other extras not in the “included.”

Europe is much more expensive than the US and Israel is probably the most expensive place in the world. 

Gas is about $8-9 per gallon

Life in the big cities like Paris, Munich and especially Tel-Aviv, can be more expensive than in Manhattan.

Mac meal which costs about $7-8 in the US, costs $16 in Israel. A steak in Israel will cost $60 to $100. A donut costs $3 in comparison to $1.3 in the US.

The cost of a 1 sf apartment in Tel-Aviv or Jerusalem is about $1,500 while in Orlando it’s about $200.

How is the raffle money used?

50% for travel & lodging expenses

24% administrative & error buffer

26% donation to the code2GOD charity per your choice

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