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Original Bible Vs Human translated

Genesis 1:1 Original Bible Vs King James

Four major mistakes in King James’ human-translated Bible first verse: (1) Genesis is not “beginning” (2) “Bara ברא” is not “create” (3) “Skies שמים” is not “heaven” (4) “Land ארץ” is not “earth.”

King James: “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth”

Five major mistakes in King James’ human-translated Bible first verse: (1) “Genesis בראשית Bereshit” is not “beginning” (2) “Bara ברא” is not “created” (3) “Skies שמים” is not “heaven” (4) “Land ארץ” is not “earth” (5) There is no presumed familiar “the” heaven because there is no mention of heaven in the original Bible.

World’s Most Accurate Translation Genesis 1:1

Original Bible (Hebrew): בראשית ברא אלהים את השמים ואת הארץ

“In Genesis (origin), GOD brought into existence out of nothing, the skies, and the land.”

Holy Land Man reading the first few verses from the original Bible

What is “Genesis Bereshit בראשית”?

“Bereshit בראשית” is “origin” and not “beginning” which is a different Hebrew word called “hatchala התחלה.” The difference is that word “beginning” denotes a flat one-directional timeline while “genesis” is “origin” which possibly precedes “beginning התחלה hatchala.” Moreover, “Genesis בראשית Bereshit” can be a point on a 360 degrees circle denoting simply an “origin.” Or, the origin can be the start of three parallel timelines.

King James is also wrong for using “beginning” because it then raises the question: what was before the “beginning” which doesn’t exist using the proper Biblical word “genesis בראשית bereshit”

Even the more ambiguous word “start” would be a more appropriate translation. However, since King James was created for the masses in 1611 with the need for flare and drama, representing the source, the Word Of GOD, was secondary for the King who was in competition with the church of England.

What is “Bara ברא”?

“Bara ברא” is to bring into existence out of nothing. The concept of “nothing” is difficult to grasp for humans because it means… nothing… not even air.

By contrast, King Jame’s translation “God created” is belittling God since kids, or humans, created by combining any of the existing 118 elements that this world is made of. That is to say that GOD “merely” combined (created) based on existing materials (elements) that already existed.

“Bara ברא”, which is coded 203 according to the code2GOD, is turning energy into a matter, that is scientifically supported by the code2GOD.

What is “Shamaim שמים”?

“Shamaim שמים” is simply “skies”, as the plural of “sky.” In Hebrew, the original Biblical language coded by GOD, skies is always plural. By contrast, King James bible misinterpreted “skies” to be “heaven” thereby creating a false realm of a place that doesn’t exist. Moreover, while the original Word Of GOD describes the creation of the top “skies” and the bottom “land”, King James implies that the top is “heavenly” making “earth” the opposite.

What is “Haretz ארץ”?

“Haretz ארץ” is simply “land” and not planet earth, as dramatically described by King James.


The world owed to King James who commissioned the original Bible interpretation and published it to the masses in 1611. Otherwise, the public would have continued to rely only on the churches.

Yet, King James had a personal motive and therefore the KJV id only a story of the original Bible and not even a true translation of the Word Of GOD. KJ added much drama that doesn’t exists in the original Bible and distorts GOD’s intentions:

  • Unicorn rather than Oryx
  • Heaven rather than skies
  • Hell rather than “valley of nonbelievers”
  • Witch instead of “herb maker”
  • Sexual touch rather than “come near”
  • Verbs are misinterpreted
  • Horns (for Moses) rather than “radiate”
  • Many more.

The Vatican avoids the KJV and is using The New American Bible 2002.11.11

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