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GOD. Only GOD could.

If you do not believe that GOD created the Bible and made it appear in the form of the original Bible, then you have been praying on a history book that has been written by mere humans and assembled by archaeologists.

It really means that archaeologists found a bedtime story for a child which we pray on as the creation of the world. Aside, how can we trust or pray on Genesis 1 unless and only if it was created by GOD?!

Now you are convinced that GOD created the original Bible, and since you know that GOD can make anything happen since he created the world, then what does it matter how the Bible appeared? Let me explain:

  1. No one but GOD can describe the six days of creation or else the Bible is the first science fiction book ever written by a… human.
  2. Genesis 1:1 is the basis for many of the 32 codes that make the code2GOD. The messaging provided by GOD in the first sentence of the Bible is so advanced that it could not be done even with today's technology.
  3. The original Bible is made of one string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters which is mathematically coded with life's most essential answers. You heard right: A string of 1.2 million Hebrew letters. No human, then or now, is capable of encoding such messaging or having such insights into biology and psychology.
  4. That original Bible string with 1.2 million Hebrew letters has never ever changed. A change of even one Hebrew letter will break the code2GOD messaging to humanity.
  5. Hebrew speakers, Christians or Jews, in a later time, added space, and paragraphs to the coded string, and it became the Bible we know today with 23,204 verses and 306,757 words.
  6. While it seems the first language was Hebrew according to the Bible, archaeologists found otherwise. Hebrew is GOD's language and the language of the original Bible. The language is super-intelligent, most efficient, structural, and encoded with divine mathematical messaging that no human, or technology, could create it, even today.

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