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code2GOD 1+2 explained


Each of GOD’s 22 Hebrew Biblical letters has a name, a symbol, and two numerical values from 1 to 510

Each of GOD’s 22 Biblical Hebrew letters has a value (letter=value). While an English letter is only a pronounced symbol, each of GOD’s 22 Biblical letters has a personal name made of 2 to 4 letters.

The name of each letter has a numerical value called “extended value.”

Example 1: The Biblical letter “א” has a value of 1 and is pronounced like “A.” Its name is Alef אלף with an extended value 111=א1+ל30+ף80.

Example 2: The Biblical letter “ק” value is 100, pronounced like “K.” Its name is Kuf קוף extended value 186=ק100+ו6+ף80.

code #1 + #2 of the code2GOD method created by Don Juravin
Original Bible code2GOD #1 + #2

What Is The Original Bible?

The original Bible was created by GOD, like the DNA: one long string of 1,202,972 Hebrew letters. The Biblical string was coded with the code2GOD set which was revealed in 2022 by Don Juravin whose first language is Hebrew. Don Juravin was born not far from Jesus’ birthplace and now lives in the USA.

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