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The mathematical constant Pi (π) has an infinite number of decimal places beyond the number three. Interestingly, the concept of Pi has been coded within the first verse of the Bible. Specifically, the average letter value of the first letters of each of the seven words in the verse is 3.14.
The Pi decoder in code2GOD serves to aid in the discovery of new meanings or the verification of previous findings. This is achieved through the use of four Pi parameters: (1) the sum of a set string of numbers, (2) the number of digits in a set string, (3) the starting digit number in the Pi infinite string, (4) and an adjacent coded set of numbers.
For instance, the first five holiest books of the Bible are collectively known as the Torah (תורה), with a word value of 611. The first 611 digits of Pi π sum up to 2701, which corresponds exactly to the verse value of Genesis 1:1 that describes the creation.
This discovery suggests that the world was created based on the teachings of the Torah, and the Pi code functions as a means of cross-reference and confirmation.

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