Left section is GOD's messaging to humanity. Middle is 300 to 500 year old ancient authentic original Bible scroll. Right is the world's most accurate traslation of the parable.
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They survived two world wars and, survived Nazi abuse times and burning of churches and synagogues. The scrolls actually existed through the era of the US Declaration of Independence and the French revolution. Their survival means that they have special messaging to humanity.

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These 300 to 600 years old scrolls are part of GOD's original Bible. They need to be decoded to discover GOD's messaging to humanity.

GOD, the intelligent creator, impacts our lives and his Bible is our beacon of light, personally and socially. As perfect as we want to believe GOD is, the Bible teaches us that GOD can get angry and GOD warns us not to forget that he can greatly impact our lives, fortune and happiness. GOD wants, and he deserves, to be acknowledged and glorified.

“In GOD We Trust” has been the US Congress motto since 1956. 86% of Americans believe in GOD. The Bible is the most loved and trusted book ever because it represents our love and trust in GOD. The fact that we address GOD daily, when we are sad, happy or surprised (“o my GOD”), means that GOD exists in our hearts and lives.

GOD is so inherently rooted in us, presumably in our DNA and minds, that many address him as “father” and we appreciate him like we do that person that brought us to life….mother. For that reason we have mother’s day and now, “GOD’s Day”. It is not a religious holiday. However, Christians can also commemorate “GOD/Bible Day” to thank for the New Testament and Muslims to be thankful for the Quran. In fact, we all trust the Bible so much that we bonifay our truth with swearing on the Bible in the court, for citizenships, for presidency, and to each other in business or in the neighbourhood.

I’m Holy Land Man. I read only the original Bible in GOD’s created language, Hebrew. Here is why we should celebrate our relationship with GOD and his Bible, glorify them, and give them the respect and honor on an official day for the love of GOD/Bible.

Unlike human translations, the source Bible, the original Bible, has never ever changed. It has forever been exactly 306,757 words and 1,202,972 letters. GOD gifted me with the code2GOD which enables me to detect his messaging to humanity. I’m using 32 mathematical codes to discover GOD’s direct Biblical messaging. But neither Einstein, Newton or I could discover any life changing formulas unless GOD would give us an initial hint. Once we get the hint, in a dream or some form of hallucination, it is up to us, the chosen ones, to turn it into a full proven discovery.

The original Bible is not only the highest spiritual connection but it’s mainly GOD’s hidden instructions for better life.

How can we not celebrate one day a year to commemorate our relationship with GOD? How dare we not celebrate the book of life, rules and history of our existence?

Five billion souls believe in the same GOD and his original Bible. Five billion citizens in the world believe in the ten holy commandments. GOD/Bible day is a day of unity, a day when the three religions: Christianity, Islam & Judaism can come together on one common ground we all share, the love of GOD. The same GOD.

Celebrating GOD/Bible day is also celebrating GOD’s Ten Commandments which are the foundation of all civil societies for all the five billion residents.
So when GOD wants us to celebrate his glory day? code2GOD reveals the date in the very first word of the Bible and it’s the very first day when GOD brought the world into existence. The Genesis day goes by the Biblical calendar: 26 Sep 2022, 16 Sep 2023, 3 Oct 2024, 23 Sep 2025

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what your donation will be used for

We unite under GOD's original Hebrew Bible with His code2GOD for better life without the religious brainwash resulting in guilt or inadequacy. Without the religious myths of physical hell, heaven, satan, demons, or angel wings which do not exist in the original Bible. These false myths were intentionally created in 1611 with the first edition of the most popular King James's Bible which was written by human translators to control the public with no regard for the source, GOD's Word.

This falsehood was further engraved in the public's minds with overwhelming devil images to create fear of punishment and fictitious reward of afterlife heaven. These false images were commissioned by Kings and Churches to control the people with vivid scary imagery and make them feel helpless and inadequate.

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